AVEX's efforts
Our advantages
From the processing shop to the world of blacksmith
We promote restoration and PM of various pieces of equipment with a policy to "develop human resources with independent problem-solving abilities". This is not only to reduce the investment in equipment but also to share techniques directly, to make employees understand the structure and characteristics of equipment, and to reinforce core technology.
In-house manufacturing of image processing testing machine In-house polishing of cutting tools
Our technical staff developed and introduced original automatic testing machine for image processing in cooperation with local university to secure man-hour and space.
We polish and adjust cutting tools in house, which are parts of equipment. We hold biannual conference for polishing cutting tools to improve techniques of our employees and to give them the opportunities to compete with each other with their acquired techniques.
In-house manufacturing of incidental equipment Restoration of used general-purpose equipment
We streamlined each employee's job and shortened manufacturing time for manpower saving to achieve worldwide competitiveness. This improved not only our productivity but also the techniques of every employee, which enables us to propose at higher level to our clients.
Senior employees and young employees work together to promote the restoration of used raw equipment which we purchased. We integrate techniques which have been accumulated by senior employees and the latest and optimum techniques and always try to establish AVEX technology to compete with the world.