Introduction of equipment
6-spindle automatic lathe
6-spindle automatic lathe
We pursue mass-production processing which is the characteristic of 6-spindle automatic lathe, differentiate this product with our own tool layout from our competitors, and achieved production efficiency.
CNC automatic lathe
CNC automatic lathe
We achieved mass-production processing of high-accuracy small metal parts from three-meter bar materials. This production line is capable of long-term continuous operation and saving manpower due to chip-bucket coolant tank of high capacity.
Turning center
Turning center
This is composite lathe that is capable of obverse/reverse unattended continuous processing by two parallel spindles of loaders from cold forging materials mainly for mass production. This equipment integrates processes up to finishing grinding processing.
Machining center
Machining center
This equipment can shorten cycle time by high-speed spindle feed, high-speed main spindle, and adequate addition‐subtraction speed, and can cope with deburring of forging materials and chamfering processing having the capacity to accurately produce complex shaped profiles.
Center-less grinder
Center-less grinder
This equipment is mainly used for grinding processing of non-stage products (spool) of ∅4 to ∅20. We have an integrated production system performing from parts feeder shooting and feeding to processing and washing. This is a manpower-saving line which has processing capability mainly for 6㎛of external diameter range, and surface roughness is finished up at about 1.0Ζ.
Infeed grinder
This grinder can process two aluminum parts simultaneously. Processing is completed in half of the actual cycle time. Multistage grinding parts (two or three stages) are processed with high accuracy.
CNC automatic lathe
CNC automatic lathe
This equipment is mainly for small lot production and processes chucker works. High-accuracy processing with 0.5㎛ of circularity is achieved with minimal floor space.
Washing machine
Washing machine
This all-in-one hydrocarbon washing machine which has all necessary functions including reduced-pressure ultrasound, process change, steam washing, vacuum drying, etc.
List of equipment
List of equipment
Production equipment Manufacturer name Number of units
CNC automatic latheStar Micronics Co., Ltd. 45
CNC automatic lathe Tsugami Corporation 80
CNC lathe Murata Machinery, Ltd. 4
CNC lathe Amada Co., Ltd 1
CNC lathe Seibu Electric Industry Co., Ltd. 1
CNC lathe Takamatsu Machinery Co., Ltd. 2
6-spindle automatic lathe Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. Others 13
Machining center Brother Industries, Ltd. Others 5
Center-less grinder MICRON MACHINERY CO., LTD. Others 35
Cylindrical grinding machine JTEKT CORPORATION Others 6
Vibrating barrel machine Tipton Corp. 9
Centrifugal barrel machine SINTOKOGIO,LTD. 1
Buffing machine SHIKEN CO.,LTD. 1
Washing machine AQUA CHEMICAL CO., LTD. 1
Inspection equipment
Measuring equipment Manufacturer name Number of units
ProjectorMitsutoyo Corporation Others 5
Circularity measuring instrument TOKYO SEIMITSU CO., LTD. 3
Shape measuring instrument Mitsutoyo Corporation Others 6
Roughness measuring instrument Mitsutoyo Corporation Others 4
Non-contact 3-D measuring machine OGP 1
Hardness testing machine CHUKYO SHIKENKI 1
Automatic measuring instrument for image processing KEYENCE CORPORATION 3

(As of October 2014)